In 2014 a club for sports and singular car drivers, racing and rally enthusiasts was started in Mallorca, Spain. We called it Driving Mallorca, and we organised weekly meetups and spirited drives with some wonderful lunches and stops, rallies and track days in a wide variety of cars and motorbikes. Our partners have always been encouraged to join us or to participate in their own cars.

At the beginning of 2020 we decided to launch the club internationally and become more professionally structured. We changed our name to “Gentlemen Driving”, formed a new company and created a modern community platform for our members. Our name is inspired by the LeMans racing “Gentleman Drivers” referring to the non-professional driver that each team needs to incorporate in order to participate.

The company has 12 founding members as shareholders and our membership is growing with the help of “Club Ambassadors” who are organising events and activities in several countries in Europe, Asia and North and South America.

As a member you can enjoy all the benefits in our “Member Features” section and attend any of our monthly drives, meetups, track days, weekend tours, and rallies wherever they take place. You can also benefit from discounts, support and promotions from our “Sponsors”.

Here on the webpage you will have a profile login where you can access the member functions and upload pictures to your profile. You can find details of the other members and network with them. Our event calendar and the merchandise shop are also here, and you can contact our expert advisors and find more member features.

Please sign up here or fill in your details if you would like to become a Gentlemen Driving member, or receive more information.