Car Dealers


Our club has hundreds of members spread out in almost 30 countries. In order to offer them a local meeting point we have a special contract for sports car dealers to be our local “Club House”.

We make this contract with one exclusive partner, a sports car dealer who likes to have our members as clients and recommending ambassadors.

These are the opportunities for our local sports car dealers:

– We have a weekly meetup every Wednesday 6-8pm where our members come to your showroom with their invited friends. You invite for coffee & soft drinks. This will bring potential clients through your door every week.

– You can put your cars up for sale in our Showroom, published to all members around the world: The Showroom.

– We will list you in our club magazine and you will get 50 copies sent to you 6 times per year to hand out to your clients in your showroom: The Club Magazine.

– We will arrange weekend drives and track days in your region, where you can market your business to all the attendees: The Event Calendar.

– We will put you up on our sponsor page with a link to your webpage to market your business: The Sponsor Page.

If you would like to be our local sports car dealer, please fill in the form on this page.