Fine art & classic cars. A match made in heaven

For the last week or so, we’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of watching artist and club member Johans Lamic exercise his mastery and craftmanship on several vintage Porsche 911 tails. These works of art are part of the exclusive Whale Tail Project®, nine series of eleven pieces that pay a personal tribute to Porsche’s racing history. They are handcrafted limited editions, which makes them true collector’s items for car and art lovers alike.

The entire production process is a work of art in itself. For starters, 911 tails are quite hard to find, and they are not exactly cheap, either. Once in the studio, Johans begins a painstaking and insanely detailed process of cleaning and prepping up each piece, which takes him several days to finish. Then, he adds his personal touch, represented by drops, reminiscent of the original aerodynamical function of the object, and symbolizing fluidity and speed. He then sands the surface to achieve perfect smoothness before the final step: the paint work. Only original parts and colors are used in order to preserve as much as possible the brand’s philosophy and the tail’s own character. The end result is, for lack of a better word, a true work of art and we are proud to have been part of it, albeit for a brief moment.

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Enrique Carbonell – Marketing Manager
Gentlemen Driving Club

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