Several founding members help out running the club and organize events, maintain our webpage, assist with member communication and social media.

President: Peter Redrin –

Track Days: Markus Gedlich –

Tour del fine settimana: Tim Bakker –

Fotografia: Peo Stenberg –

Our founding members also shareholders in the club company and dedicate time and effort to the club and its members to ensure the quality of events and generate as much added value and enjoyment as possible.

Alvaro Fontes – Andalusia
Andreas Kreuzahler – Mallorca
Hamish Goddard - Maiorca
Jonathan Syrett - Maiorca
Markus Gedlich - Maiorca
Peter Redrin - Maiorca
Stefan Gustafsson - Andalusia
Stefan Pietzsch - Maiorca
Tim Bakker - Andalusia
Torbjorn Johansson - Maiorca

We look forward to welcoming you to Gentlemen Driving Club!