The heat is on: 2nd race of the Gentlemen Driving Club’s Karting Cup 2021

The second installment of GDC´s Mallorca Karting Cup 2021 was held last Saturday May 15th at the Magaluf track, a very technical and fast circuit where our members & guests put their driving skills to the test. We coincided with the training sessions of several local scuderias who were preparing for a race the following day, which helped create a more intense and competitive ambiance.

The format was simple: 15 minutes of timed hot laps on board of the track’s fastest pro karts, which guaranteed competitiveness and mechanical equality. The 10 fastest pilots received points towards the championship, following the same system used by F1.


The podium of the race was as follows:

1st       James Martin with a best lap of 00’ 37,484”

2nd      Spencer Martin with a best lap of 00’37,982”

3rd       Hamish Goddard with a best lap of 00’38,269”


With this new race, the standings on the championship have shifted, and now Gregor Tarjan is leading the pack. See the full scores HERE. The series will be running through the summer with one race per month with a grand finale in November, so stay tuned for the dates and time of the next races.

We want to extend a very special thanks to Peo Stenberg, our official photographer, for taking these amazing shots of the competition.


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Enrique Carbonell – Marketing Manager

Gentlemen Driving Club

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